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Build Error : Qt WebAssembly for Linux (Uubuntu 18.04)

  • Hi,

    I am trying to install Qt WASM for linux system. As i followed the following link for Qt WASM setup and installed emscripten using

    also installed platform specific pre-requisites using
    under Linux section.

    So the flow is as follows

    sudo apt-get install python2.7
    sudo apt-get install cmake
    sudo apt-get install default-jre
    git clone
    cd emsdk
    git pull
    ./emsdk install sdk-fastcomp-1.38.27-64bit
    ./emsdk activate --embedded sdk-fastcomp-1.38.27-64bit
    source ./

    And then Installed Qt5.14.0 (evaluation version) using


    Finally after setup.
    if i build, Qt appication for WASM i am getting the following error for "make".

    shared:ERROR: '/home/kmb/Qtwasm/emsdk/fastcomp-clang/e1.38.27_64bit/binaryen/bin/asm2wasm ./Test.temp.asm.js --total-memory=67108864 --trap-mode=js -O3 --mem-init=./Test.js.mem --mem-base=1024 --wasm-only -o ./Test.wasm --mvp-features' failed (-9)
    Makefile:219: recipe for target 'Test.js' failed
    make: *** [Test.js] Error 1

    Kindly let me if any thing missed or any solutions.
    Thanks in Advance

  • And one more problem is if one of the other basic Qt App gets compiled and build successfully and when i run it using *"emrun .html" using console i am getting application exit error as shown in image

    Screenshot from 2020-06-23 05-59-05.png

    So what is the reason for getting this.(I am using Firefox browser).

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