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Does Qt support C# using Visual Studio 2008?

  • I want to develop Functional Testing Tool for Mobile Phone..
    I am new to Qt.
    I am a .Net developer and want to develop the application using
    .Net Framework 3.5 or 4, C# as a language and Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.
    Can you provide me the details like does qt support C# using Visual Studio 2008?
    Does Qt has SDK or APIs which I can use to develop such type of application?
    If available from where I can get it?

    There are many versions available for Qt.
    Which version is proper for my application?
    How to get this? Is it free or need to buy?
    I have looked at Qt Mobility APIs.
    I found something related to SystemInfo which I guess I can use.
    But its all C++.
    Can I use from C#?
    Or does Qt has some .dll files which I can directly use by adding reference.
    Please guide me if you can.



  • The closest thing you are asking about is Qyoto (Qt/KDE binding based on SMOKE). You can find more info "here":

  • I suggest Qyoto. On KDE Techbase I think you can find a way to compile it under Windows

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