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design templates for application UI

  • I am working on a small project to build a desktop app that organizes the large amount of PDFs (mostly journal articles and things like that) which I have collected over the years. Mobdro Kodi bluehost Software development on the backend is my day job, so I'm very comfortable with the API and so on, but my problem is coming up with a good UI for my applications. Unfortunately for me, I'm a total design idiot and have no clue how to make something that looks decent. My question is: what do you all use for this purpose? I don't mean a tool like Designer, which I also use, I mean something like where do you get templates/examples for how to put together a good UI? Ideally I would like some resource that gives me a few pictures and says, "do it like this if you don't know any better." This seems to be pretty prevalent in front-end design for the web with styling frameworks like Material and Clarity, but I don't know of any resources like this for desktop stuff. Any suggestions for where to look or what to do?

  • @RykerBennett

    Hey, I usually just design my own, which I think is how most of the users do it, also think most people use Designer or they just write the UI..

    If you want to start developing UI and backend together, the best thing is to just take the time it takes to learn to create from scratch.
    You'll find a lot of great examples on good UI's on and designing good UI's with C++ and QML is very easy once you get the hang of it.

    There is also a tool for converting PSD/Photoshop files to QML objects which makes it even easier, but it is a bit expensive.

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