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STM32F769 board, QML

  • I have a STM32F769i evk board and I followed the webinar video to develop a simple QT app and displayed on LCD screen on that board. Everything works fine till now.
    But as I moved on and I tried to load qt logo png image file by simply adding its source in my qml file I am getting error :
    Failed to find image in the resource system
    source: "images/qt-logo.png

    I cross checked in the video and the CMakeLists.txt files were same and it was working fine there.
    Is there something I missed from that webinar video?


  • I suppose you watched the webinar video for the 1.0 release. The way you can include images to your application has slightly changed since version 1.1 and up. It is not enough anymore to have the file in your application folder, you must also declare it to the Qt resource system in your CMakeLists.txt with:

    qul_add_resource(myapp FILES images/qt-logo.png)

    The documentation about this is there:

  • Thank you ylopes, it works.
    Yes I watched the video for 1.0 release and currently I am working on 1.2 version.
    I missed the documentation. Thanks for the link.

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