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How do I disable the new C++ "code style"?

  • I don't really like to be forced to style my code in any particular way. Or maybe I just don't want to deal with fine tuning the new "code style" settings. Or it just doesn't do what I want. Anyways. Is there a way to disable this feature?

  • Qt Creator always had the feature of inserting spacing, etc. for you. We need that when inserting chunks of code programmatically (e.g. when inserting snippets). Why do you suddenly not like that anymore?

    The big change was not what we do there but how you can configure it. We do have profiles now, so it is easy to switch between several styles. Maybe you managed to switch profile to something you do not like (either globally or in one of the projects)?

  • I've always have my editor setup to use tabs, not spaces. Now it always inserts spaces instead of tab. I finally realized it's the coding style setup overriding my editor setup. How is that working the same way?

    Basically, after upgrade the the RC, without changing anything, the behavior changed.

    Oh. And double-click selection is still broken.

  • If behavior changed while upgrading, then please "file a bug report":!

    Yeap, double-click selection is a bug that is fixed in Qt 4.8. That is not released in time for Qt Creator 2.4, so we had to stick with Qt 4.7.4:-(

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