Problem installing drivers from QtInstaller

  • Hi!!

    I am having some problems installing drivers with my application. I use QtInstaller 3.2.2 to do the installer, in windows.

    If I install the driver without using the installer it always works perfectly.
    But with the installer, it gives me problems, it retries several times and when I click 'Ignore', then it does it correctly. But while I click on 'Retry' it always fails.

    The call to that installer is as follows:

    Component.prototype.createOperationsForArchive = function(archive)
            // add an extract operation with a modified path
    	component.addOperation("Extract", archive, "@TargetDir@/VCPdriver");
    	if (installer.isInstaller()) 
    		component.addElevatedOperation("Execute","{0,256}", "@TargetDir@\\VCPdriver\\CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe");

    And in the package file:


    The error code is as follows: -2147418112
    There is no error information in the event viewer.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you!

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