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How to handle images in a proper way by rendering from QPdfDocument

  • Dear all,

    I want to extract an image from a PDF document. The PDF document page is the following:


    using the QPdfDocument class I rendered an image using

    QPdfDocument pdf;
    const int n = 0;
    QImage qimg = pdf.render(n,pdf.pageSize(n).toSize());
    qimg = qimg.convertToFormat(QImage::Format_RGB888);

    The rendered image looks like:


    Extracting the image's alpha channel by using

    QImage alpha = qimg.convertToFormat(QImage::Format_Alpha8);

    I get:


    As mentioned in an earlier post I just want to render an image of the PDF page that looks the same as the pdf page itsself, no fancy stuff. I guess I somehow have to combine or convert the upper both images. I'd be grateful if someone has an idea of how to get things done.


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