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Broke my QWidget resizer somehow

  • [PYTHON 3.8]
    I cannot resize my QWidget layout in Qt Creator 4.12.3 version. Minimum is 16x16 (width; height) and max is 37x37.
    Before what I did, it worked just fine but now after I tried one thing, everything broke.

    What is it that I tried? I tried to put background-image to QWidget and then Qt Creator froze for a moment and then unfroze. Ran the program and image didn't scale (auto-fit, like QLabel has) so I went and googled "CSS background image auto-scale" and found min-width:100%; or auto; and same with max-width then I pressed OK and boom, everything broke.

    I guess stylesheet != CSS or it is but I used wrong things and now I am stuck trying to figure out how to fix it.
    alt text

    EDIT: Solved. Had to reset minimumSize and maximumSize attribute and now I can resize however I want to. Sorry for trouble.

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