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Connecting to MSSQL with SQL browzer example

  • hii all....i am trying to connect to MSSQL database with the sql browzer example but it is not connected and i am sure it's working because i am working on the DB with the MS sql management studio...any ideas??

  • Please give us a bit more details!

  • look, I don't know how to connect my Qt program into a database,but i know that if connect the qt example (sql browzer) into the database and i have its source code so will know how to do it, but till now i fail. i have my MSSQL database that i can query using MS sql management studio but when using the Qt example it fails to connect.

  • Do you connect correct sql libs to you project?
    I think you need QODBC driver for MSSQL.

  • We cannot help if the program and the error remains in your brain. Provide some details about what/which/when fails and we will help you.

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