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QtWebKit 2.2 (from Qt 4.8 RC1) supports less than QtWebKit 2.0.2 (from Qt 4.7.4), test on

  • [ I edited this topic, because I found that we can make it simpler for everyone to re-test ]

    If I install Qt 4.7.4 with QtWebKit 2.0.2 (built for Visual Studio 2008) I immediately run one of the delivered examples (e.g. the Fancy Browser) which uses the QtWebKit. Then I browse to "": and I get (among others) these results

    20/31 video points
    20/20 audio points
    19/20 web application points

    Okay, cool so far.

    I did the very same with Qt 4.8 RC1 and the included QtWebKit 2.2 (built for Visual Studio 2010), I get these results:

    0/31 video points
    0/20 audio points
    15/20 web application points (the 4 points less are caused by missing support for 'Custom content handlers')

    So, no audio and video support with the new version?!

    A colleague could reproduce the problem: He only installed Qt 4.8 Rc1, so it can not be caused by a parallel installation of 4.7.4 and the 4.8 RC1.

    Some things I tried:

    • I thought that there may be some missing DLLs in the 4.8 Rc1's bin-folder, but when I compared the bin-folders of 4.7.4 and 4.8 Rc1 I saw that the DLLs are the same (they obviously differ in size).
    • I built the DLLs with the sources of 4.7.4 and of 4.8 Rc1 myself (in both cases with Visual Studio 2010) and I have the same behaviour: everything fine with 4.7.4, but no audio and video support with 4.8 Rc1.

    Can you reproduce this?

    Any suggestions under which topic I should/create an Issue? It would be interesting if this is an installation/delivery issue of Qt 4.8 Rc1 or if this is an QtWebKit related issue...

  • I've observed the exact same problem.

    Its as if audio and video are not turned on in the webkit build that went out the door with 4.8 RC1

  • Thanks for your observation. In my opinion this is a must-have to be fixed in the final release! I hope the responsible guys are reading such posts as there is still no reaction. Well, in the meantime I wrote a ticket and hope they are not just shifting responsibilities: "":

  • There is no guarantee that the posts are read by responsible programmers.
    The best way is to report via JIRA as you have done already. You might want to add a link to this post, if you have not added the same text to the bug report already.
    In addition it is always good to post the link to your bug report here. This may direct readers to your report and vote for it.
    AFAIK JIRA is the official point of contact where also the priority is fixed.

  • I did not know that other users can vote for the report, thanks for the hint --> so, everyone interested: please follow the link posted above and vote for it, so that we get it fixed!!

  • @koahning & eikeR - thanks for the bug report and hints. I'll vote over there too.

    We're using QT and QT Webkit for our AppUp encapsulator service and a bunch of our customers are interested in the Webkit html5 updates - especially audio and video.

  • Does Qt libraries 4.8.0 fix the problem? I installed the latest "Qt libraries 4.8.0 for Windows (VS 2010, 275 MB)" and launched fancyBrowser demo. The still shows 0 score for both video and audio support. Youtube asked me to install flash plugin.

    If this works, should I expect to play youtube video without installing flash player?

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