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widgets or qml for large 3d plotting

  • I am developing a visualization tool for a small application. Here i need to plots lots of 3d points eg. for 640*460 size image 294400 number of 3d points nad 3d lines connecting each individual point with its surrounding point. I also need to show some information on this plot as the angle between two lines, text poiting at certain regions of points etc.

    So which is better tool qml or widgets to do this task? Here i'll be sending all this points, lines and other information data from backend c++/pyhton.

  • @Developer01 Hey, I think both can handle it. Did not count verticies but I ran a "particle" test with QML with quite large particles once, actually more like small houses... added and removed 500 in a few seconds. 500 times * 1000 verticies at minimum..

    And think the reason why it took a few seconds is because I also had camera and light animations going at the same time, on a not so good PC.. So yeah, I think you should just choose the type you already like or know best..

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