Bluetooth Low Energy: Resetting serviceState without disconneting from the device

  • Hi,

    I am developing a GUI application that allows a user to connect to a Bluetooth Low Energy device, determine services and service details, and finally read the properties. After I have connected to a device and determined the services, I would like to call up the characteristics of a selected service with the button "Determine characteristics", like this:

    void Bluetooth::on_showCharacteristics_clicked()
        /*delete object if it is not nullptr*/
            delete selectedService;
            selectedService = nullptr;
            qDebug()<< "selectedService deleted";
        selectedService = lowEnergyController->createServiceObject(serviceUuid, this);
        connect(selectedService, &QLowEnergyService::stateChanged, this, &Bluetooth::serviceDetailsDiscoveredSlot);
        qDebug() << selectedService->state();

    So when I call this function for the first time, the state ist firstly "QLowEnergyService::DiscoveryRequired" - it finally becomes "QLowEnergyService::ServiceDiscovered"
    When I call this function for the second time for the same service, the state is "QLowEnergyService::ServiceDiscovered" therefore the stateChanged signal is not being emitted. So is it possible, to "reset" the state of a service, without disconneting from the device?

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