Getting coordinate relative to QGraphicsItem on mouse click in QGraphicsView

  • I have a rectangle QGraphicsView and a QGraphicsItem inside, I want to retrieve the x-position relative to the item when I click in the view.

    For example, I have a graphicsview of 1000 px wide and a graphicsItem of 100 px wide, the item is placed at the 500 px point in the view. When I clicked on 502 px in the view, I want it to return something like a QPoint with x=2.

  • I'm not familiar with the graphics view framework, but from the information of doc, I think you can:
    step1. map from view to scene by QGraphicsView::mapToScene.
    step2. map from scene to item by QGraphicsItem::mapFromScene.
    I haven't found a direct mapping method from QGraphicsView to QGraphicsItem.

  • @Bonnie

    Thank you this works.

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