[Recommendation] Status/Message box for Qt (widgets) application

  • Hi guys

    I am looking for a message box / status box popup similar to the Android toast but not as intrusive as the Windows toast nor does it require dismissal like QMessageBox.

    What I have in mind may be something similar to this image below from postman (but, this case, it has some action associated aswel):


    Alternatively (and more) preferable a message displayed in e.g. the bottom right corner that us not intrusive. If I find an example, I will post it (I have seen it before but cannot remember where). I know QT does not offer this besides their QMessageBox which is not suitable for my purpose.

    I intend to use it on my QtWidgets application (not QML)

    Any suggestions?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Are we talking showing it in app or like windows toasts outside app ?
    Also if IN app, will you make room for it in the UI design ?
    Or do you need it to be able to float on the actual form outside of
    of the design ?

  • @mrjj
    I could have been more clear on that, my apologies.

    I want it as a component on the form. I will be using a vertical layout for these 'widgets'. I envision them to start from the bottom right, and post no more than 3 at a time.

  • @mrjj

    actually, now that I saw the notification from the Qt website, that could be a very good representation of what I have in mind. It is not intrusive (i.e. requires attention immediately) and dismissed itself after X seconds.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Ok :)
    But you want user to be able to click on it if they want so we cant use a true overlay ?

    You can come pretty far with a QLabel and some HTML as it can show both icon and allow hot linked text
    which you can get a signal when clicked on to do something in app and not open browser.
    Use timer to make it auto dismiss.

    Im not sure i see same Qt notification on Desktop :)

  • @mrjj
    oh - that is a great idea.

    Will post a working solution soon.


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