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Active resizing of widgets inside mainwindow

  • I have a few widgets in a main window. i want the user to be able to resize the widgets inside the window as they please, just like how one would resize the main window. Do I have to make a layout container to enable this? or ....layout? Buh the layout contains are static once the window is rendered.

  • You mean that you want to resize with mouse inside widgets of the mainwindow, like for QToolBox ? Or you want only to make bigger the mainwindow when a separation is moved ?

  • I am not very sure about your question, but you are correct in using layout and can add QSplitter to offer resizing the widgets horizontally or vertically.

  • Manual resizing of widgets by the user are possible, if you use splitters as containers, or if you use dock widgets. Otherwise you must implement it by hand.

  • ya i want to resize with mouse insides widgets of mainwindow

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