incompatible license with PyQt4

  • Hello,
    I downloaded the binary for QT 5.15.0 and installed it onto my Linux Mint VM using the online tool.
    I did not request a trial license, so I believed I had installed it under an Open Source license.

    However, I cannot configure PyQt4, which is what I really need.
    I get the error:
    "This is the GPL version of PyQt4.12.3 for Python 3.6.9 on linux.
    Error: This version of PyQt4 and the commercial version have incompatible licenses"

    The license.fdl file in Qt/license starts with GNU Free Documentation License, so I think I am running under an Open source license. In case it matters, I am running pip v20.1.1

    What have I done wrong, and how can I fix it? My goal is to be able to install PyQt4.

    Many thanks

  • pyqt4 and not pyqt5? I believe the python bindings are going to need to be for the version of Qt you are running and you list above Qt5. Not sure about licensing with the latest Qt, but you should be able build pyqt5 from source to support the version of Qt you've installed, right?

    [](Pyqt5 homepage)

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