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Arcgis runtime SDK "fully disconnected ofline map"

  • my Desktop app contain a Map using Arcgis runtime SDK Tha App should work in a fully disconnected environment
    i done all the app on qt and the map provided via Arcgis-server using Map , MapGraphicsView Classes .
    after alot of searching i found an example in Arcgis SDK LocalServerFeatureLayer but this also not working when iam disconnected only (map didn't show) all the documentation of Arcgis-SDK say this can work but there is no way in documentation
    to say how to download the maps .
    so there is any way to get map of country downloaded offline and installed into a local server Even if I will pay for this
    i know this is not the place to ask this question But I hope to find someone who dealt with this problem before , Thanks .

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    You should ask at the ArcGIS forums since it's a library written with Qt, nothing which is provided by Qt so I doubt anyone can help you here.

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