QObject connect and shared from this

  • I've made myself a client and server based on QtWebSocket. The server needs to delete the client connection after the client closes. Both classes are derived from std::enable_shared_from_this and have factory methods to assure they are created as shared pointers. This allows the client to be deleted once no one has a reference to it anymore.

    Well, Qt slots don't use shared pointers, but use a raw pointer to this. Therefore when the slot for client closing is called, the ref count is not incremented. The heap gets corrupted and valgrind gets very angry.

    The trace looks like:
    onClientClosed slot called
    ....calls onClientConnectionClosed handler on server
    .......erases the shared pointer to the client from collection. Afterward Ref = 1
    ....unwind Ref = 0, trigger delete
    unwind we are still in the client instance onClientClosed slot that just got deleted.

    code snippets:

    WebsocketClientQtImpl::WebsocketClientQtImpl(QWebSocket* connectedSocket)
        : QObject()
        , m_qtWebsocket(connectedSocket)
        QObject::connect(m_qtWebsocket, &QWebSocket::connected, this, &WebsocketClientQtImpl::onConnected);
        QObject::connect(m_qtWebsocket, &QWebSocket::disconnected, this, &WebsocketClientQtImpl::onClosed);
        // HEAP gets corrupted here
        delete m_qtWebsocket;

    Notice the disconnected slot uses 'this'
    Meanwhile, clientimpl has its lifetime managed by the stored shared_ptr:

    void WebsocketServerQtImpl::onAccepted()
        QWebSocket* qtWebsocket = m_qtWebsocketServer->nextPendingConnection();
        // Store the connection
        std::shared_ptr<WebsocketClientQtImpl> client = WebsocketClientQtImpl::create(qtWebsocket);
        auto result = m_clients.emplace(client->getId(), client);
            // handle error
        // Register handlers
        client->registerHandlerOnClosed(std::bind(&WebsocketServerQtImpl::onClientClosed, this, std::placeholders::_1));        
    void WebsocketServerQtImpl::onClientClosed(std::shared_ptr<WebsocketClientQtImpl> client)
            m_handlerOnClientClosed(shared_from_this(), client);
        // Remove from storage
        // This triggers the destructor of the client

    I end up in the following method, after the clientimpl was already deleted

    void WebsocketClientQtImpl::onClosed()
        // Anything that happens here corrupts the heap.
        // I need to be kept alive by a shared pointer in the original connect call

    Any suggestions on how to handle this situation or am I simply doomed to not use shared pointers? Even if I used a raw pointer, I'd have to know when it is safe to delete and so would users of my classes.

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