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QCustom3DVolume along with data

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to build a 3D viewer using 2D data array, which is a sort of raw 8-bit gray intensity. (Basically it is a kind of tomographic viewer to see a pile of 2D images.)
    The 2D array consists of a number of frames and each frame consists of certain width and height.
    At first, I tried to use setTextureData() after building QVector<uchar> data from the raw data,
    but it seemed not working.

    Next, I tried to import a PNG file several times using setSubTextureData(), in which the PNG file was 8-bit grey and Format_Indexed8 format. This attempt could not give a success, either.

    I wonder if there is any specific example for this example. I tried to reuse 3D Volume rendering example, but it was not fit to my case.

    Could anyone enlighten me the data format for QCustom3DVolume for 8-bit grey scale?


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