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time for a new PC

  • Hi, all -

    So, I've installed Qt 5.15.0, and my build times have gone from mediocre to unacceptable. Whether it's Qt or the new compilers, something is just too CPU-intensive for my current computing resources.

    So, I think it's time to upgrade my system. (Part of the problem may be that I only have 16GB of memory, but that's the most my current mobo can handle, so it's kind of irrelevant.) What does anyone recommend as a mini-ITX mobo and CPU for general-purpose use? I plan on installing 32GB of RAM but will probably continue to use my current SSD unless it appears to be the bottleneck, which currently seems dubious.

    As reference, my current system is a Pentium G3220 running at 3GHz, and the aforementioned 16GB of RAM. Running Windows 10 (yes, I realize that's part of the problem).

    Thanks for any ideas...

  • @mzimmers said in time for a new PC:

    So, I've installed Qt 5.15.0, and my build times have gone from mediocre to unacceptable.

    Depressing :(

    Part of the problem may be that I only have 16GB of memory

    Ridiculous (as in, it ought be enough). How big are the projects you are compiling?

    At least have a look in Windoze Task Manager to see how much free memory it claims to have, how much gets used up during compilation.

    No matter how much I spend on a new laptop, or how much memory/SSD I put in it, it still behaves worse than an old desktop I have....

  • @JonB you were right -- the memory is a total non-issue. Once I start a build, the CPU utilization climbs to 100% and remains there until the build is done.

  • That CPU only has 2 cores/threads. I would recommend something with 4 or 8 cores with hyperthreading so it will look like 8 or 16 processors. I am assuming you are parallel compiling as well as CPU goes to 100% rather than 50%. So your settings should be good. I don't know if you can get that many cores for a mini computer though. Because you only have 2 cores then you may be fighting the OS for resources too.

    In Windows 10 you can exclude directories from being checked by Windows Defender. Do this to your main dev directory. This will stop defender from checking this and subdirectories while you are compiling.

  • @mzimmers said in time for a new PC:

    Pentium G3220

    I only have 8GB ram at the moment, and for Qt it works fine, I have four cores though, so I do not need to wait much, seems like it spikes at 70%CPU.. Though ram is important, fcarney has right that cores are mostly the issue..

    When I tried buildroot the first time, I had 1 core enabled and it built for about 10 hours +.. When I later enabled 4 cores, it was like watching a fast forward, only taking 3-4 hours..

    I've only maxed out ram once, when building a image with almost everything I could enable that is availiable in a normal desktop, and that was just because I dedicated only 2GB ram, worked fine with 4GB ram, so 16GB ram leaves enough to build whatever you could want.
    (might just not be able to run what you're making :P)

  • @mzimmers Well, I feel like we are in suspense. What did you get?!

  • @fcarney heh -- sorry; I guess I should have brought this to closure.

    I got an Intel i5-9600K, an Asus ROG board (similar to what I have at work) and 32GB of memory. Builds are MUCH faster. I think I built a static Qt library in about 75 minutes -- not sure exactly, but much, much faster than before. Having 6 cores definitely makes a big difference.

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