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Qt5.15.0 with Visual Studio 2017 - where is msvc2017_64

  • Hi there.

    Currently, I work with Qt5.12 and compile my CMake / C++ application in Visual Studio 2017. For the "Open Folder" feature, I define my environment within the CMakeSetting.json as follows:

    "environments": [
        "BOOST_ROOT": "D:\\Downloads\\boost_1_72_0",
        "QTDIR": "D:\\Downloads\\Qt\\5.12.5\\msvc2017_64",
        "CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH": "${env.QTDIR}\\lib\\cmake"
    ], ...

    This works great, everything runs smoothly.

    Unfortunately, Qt5.15.0 does not provide msvc2017_64. Instead the maintenance tool lets me choose between "MSVC 2015 64-bit" and "MSVC 2019 64-bit". The former does not come with WebEngine, the latter requires new redistributables (providing vcruntime140_1.dll) but lacks debugging support as vcruntime140_1d.dll is missing.

    Please, could you tell me how to ust Qt5.15 within VS2017? From my point of view providing "MSVC 2017 64-bit", as in the past, would solve this problem. Preferably I would change the QTDIR line to

    "QTDIR": "D:\\Downloads\\Qt\\5.15.0\\msvc2017_64",

    The release note mentions easily upgrade your ongoing projects and fully backward-compatible with previous Qt 5 releases , so I guess there must be a way to solve this.


  • Hi, I see that the MSVC2017_64 repos are being commented out in the online installer xml.
    From the release blog, there're comments saying that "2017 and 2019 are binary compatible. You don't need a 2017 version."
    Maybe that is the reason?
    Also find this: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-84559
    The official reply is:

    MSVC2017 packages has been replaced with MSVC2019 ones in Qt 5.15 LTS. Those are binary compatible so anyone should be possible to do the same & use MSVC2019 instead

    And when I installed 5.15.0 from online installer several days ago, there was mingw73 versions, but now they are gone too!

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