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Consistency between null QJsonValue and QVariant

  • Suppose to have QJsonValue with a null type and then convert it to QVariant. This QVariant converted has type std::nullptr_t. It's just me or does not exists a way to instantiate a QVariant which match that type?

    QJsonValue value{QJsonValue::Null};
    QVariant variant = value.toVariant();
    qDebug() << value << variant;     //  QJsonValue(null) QVariant(std::nullptr_t, (nullptr))
    qDebug()  << variant.isNull() << variant.isValid();     //  true true
    qDebug() << variant.type() << variant.typeName();       // QVariant::std::nullptr_t std::nullptr_t

  • @Moia
    I don't understand: you have instantiated a QVariant with that type, via your QVariant variant = value.toVariant();?

  • How can I create a QVariant with the same state Variant(std::nullptr_t, (nullptr)) ?

  • @Moia
    Like I said, there may be other ways, but you already have done just this with your:

    QJsonValue value{QJsonValue::Null};
    QVariant variant = value.toVariant();


  • Maybe @Moia want a method to get that QVariant without a QJsonValue?
    By looking into the source code of QJsonValue, you can see that value comes from


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