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font size changes and its too big

  • I am writing first app in Qt for Windows. Its tool application dedicated for special hardware connected to it via usb - I dont want to use scalling - window should have fix size.

    The problem appears when I try to run app on Windows where user have changed globally in OS system settings scaling font to 150% (screen settings in Windows 10). All text widgets are here overflowing and cutted.
    When I run this app with defalut 100% scalling everything looks good as projected to fit in designed size.
    So question: how to prevent QT from scalling text and dont allow qt to use Windows font settings ?
    This problem occurs also when I have two monitors connected to computer: one with scalling 150% and other with 100%. When I drag window from one monitor to another all text are changing to overflowed and cuted when app is shown on scalled monitor fonts.

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