QProgressBar, custom text position through stylesheet?

  • I would like to position my QProgressBar text within the current chunk. I can compute the required offset myself, but it seems the label position can only be one of (left, center, right). Is there a way to position it with more granularity?

    Bonus question: can we style the last chunk and give it a different color for instance?

    Thanks a lot

  • Anyone has a clue?

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    I dont think its possible using stylesheets since it seems the text is using TextAligemnt and not an x,y pos.
    I think you can do it using a QProxyStyle to override how it draws the text.

    It goes

      case CE_ProgressBar:
            if (const QStyleOptionProgressBar *pb
                    = qstyleoption_cast<const QStyleOptionProgressBar *>(opt)) {
                QStyleOptionProgressBar subopt = *pb;
                subopt.rect = subElementRect(SE_ProgressBarGroove, pb, widget);
                proxy()->drawControl(CE_ProgressBarGroove, &subopt, p, widget);
                subopt.rect = subElementRect(SE_ProgressBarContents, pb, widget);
                proxy()->drawControl(CE_ProgressBarContents, &subopt, p, widget);
                if (pb->textVisible) {
                    subopt.rect = subElementRect(SE_ProgressBarLabel, pb, widget);
                    proxy()->drawControl(CE_ProgressBarLabel, &subopt, p, widget);

    So its very likely you can overrride drawControl and for CE_ProgressBarLabel draw the text where you want.

  • Ok, thanks for the insight.

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