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Layout Horizontally

  • I have a QMainWindow with 2 QTreeViews, next to each other horizontally. The one on the left is smaller than the one on the right. But when I choose Layout Horizontally, they automatically become equal sizes. How can I keep the one on the right bigger than the one on the left?

  • I think that YourTreeView->setMaximumSize could help you with what you want

  • Try to use horizontalStretch

  • Thanks for the answers. Sorin's answer works if you want one of the QTreeViews not to get bigger than a certain size (like in my case). Denis Kormalev's answer is good if you want to keep them proportionate to each other.


  • Or you can use a splitter and let the user choose the relative sizes of the tree views.

  • Good idea

  • Hi.
    My situation is exactly the same and i like to use QSplitter in this scenario.

    But HOW do i achieve this with QDesigner???

    In the "Layout" submenue of the context menu of QMainWindow in the object view, the two optiones with splitter are grey/inactive - in the toolbar, too. wtf?

    How can i actually use them?

    And yes, there is one widget inside "centralwidget" - two widgets dont help either.


    PS: Using QDesigner 4.7.0 on Windows.

  • The splitter itself is a widget.

    SO select the widgets you want to use in the splitter, layout them by the splitter and put a V or HBoxLayout on the main window.
    Or use the splitter as central widget.

  • Hi Gerolf.
    Thanks for your answer.

    But in my opionion you missed the point. Sorry. But i forgot to mention, there is no Splitter widget in QDesigner wigdet toolbox!

    The question remains, how do i do this with QDesigner 4.7.0 ?

    Or do i just dont get it?


  • Got the "Form" menu and select "Lay Out Horizontally in a Splitter".

    And read "this":, "this": and "this":

  • Ok, got it now.

    I didnt know that i actually need two "layouts" in the right order. (Though the splitter is no real layout, i know).

    First the splitter "layout" on the two wigdets. Then the layout of the main window (for dynamic resizing of the widgets).

    A always applied the layout of the main window first, but then your stuck. And there is no splitter option in the first place.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Nice, that it works now.

    You're right, the order of layouts is important, but easy to memorize: Always layout from the inner pieces to the outer, single widgets to groups, groups to bigger groups and the toplevel layout at the very end.

  • And now Gerolfs post makes sense to me.


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