GalleryWildcardFilter doesn't support any value?

  • I'm trying to display only JPGs from the gallery on the phone:

    @model: DocumentGalleryModel {
    rootType: DocumentGallery.Image
    properties: ["url"]
    filter: GalleryWildcardFilter {
    property: "fileName";
    value: "*.jpg";

    This code gives me following error when running:

    QML DocumentGalleryModel: The value of filter is unsupported
    C:\sys\bin\gallery.exe exiting with 0 allocated cells, 519 handles

    Also when trying with @.@ value I'm getting the same error.

    Using 1.1 module.

  • Ok, in this documentation *.jpg is used as a filter value. I copied pasted the whole example from the doc, and have the same error:

    Using Nokia E7 HW.

  • Also, is there a way to request only thumbnails of the images, and not retrieve full images and then scale them down? The app performance is incredibly slow right now.

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