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Real time plotting of data

  • Hi

    I wants to plot real time data in a chart using QT and QML.
    Data will be coming from hardware in every 180 millisecond.
    How can I plot such data?
    Can we use QChart?


  • @drd1988on It is possible to use QML charts to display dynamically updating plots. The Oscilloscope example that comes with Qt shows how to do this.

    The rate at which data becomes available from your hardware presumably does not need to be precisely matched by the chart refresh rate? What I mean is that you could buffer the data and update the chart less frequently if it turns out to be necessary.

  • @Bob64 hi in my project it is showing data from a medical device so accuracy is important how will i achieve this

  • @drd1988on Hi - it depends on what you mean by accuracy and what work your GUI needs to do. If the focus is on just updating the chart, and the data can be provided to the UI efficiently and in a form that does not require much further processing, I imagine it will be possible to keep up with data coming in at 180ms intervals. However, is it really important to update the chart immediately on each data point? Would it be unacceptable if you refreshed your chart at 500ms intervals say, so that you were updating every 2 or 3 data points?

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