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Q3DSurface selected point signal

  • I am using QtDataVisualization (Q3DSurface in particular) to make a simple 3D surface graph.

    The Q3DSurface supports selection of a point on the graph by showing a highlighted ball on the data point where the user has clicked. The selection pointer shows the coordinates of the point. It looks like this: surface with selected point

    However, I'm not able to find a signal that is emitted when the selection happens. Having read through the documentation of Q3DSurface and QSurface3DSeries, I failed to find any corresponding signal. There is only a selectedPointChanged(const QPoint &position) in QSurface3DSeries, but it operates with a two-dimensional QPoint which is not suitable for the case.

    What I am trying to do is store a history of selected points, that is why I need such a signal to keep track of previous coordinates. I tried looking into implementing a custom Q3DInputHandler, but not sure that it can resolve the issue. I would be grateful for any advice on the solution.

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