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Multi-touch in Ubuntu

  • Hi
    I’m trying to use my multi-touch display with Qt in Ubuntu in order to develop some multi touch applications. But I cannot get the multi touch feature to work with Qt.

    The multi touch is working when used for Ubuntu’s native gestures. And from tracing the events triggered when using the touch display it looks like Qt perceive the it as mouse inputs.

    I have been using the four examples provided natively by Qt, Fingerpaint, Dials, Knobs and pinch-zoom to test it.

    I’m using Ubuntu 11.10, Qt SDK 4.7, Qt Creator 2.3 and my display is a M2256PW Multi-touch Display with the MT 7.13 Build 6 for Linux driver.

    Thank you in advanced

  • Update:
    I've tried installing this demo:
    $ sudo apt-get install qt4-demos
    $ /usr/lib/qt4/examples/touch/fingerpaint/fingerpaint

    And that actually works. However it crashes my computer within a couple of seconds.
    If I try building the example with the latest Qt software the applications behaves as described above, without multi-touch.

  • the example FingerPaint works for you?

  • I'm not working on this anymore. But no, none of examples worked with multitouch.

  • Thanks for answer.

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