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Line in QTextEdit

  • Hello,

    I wish to represent a line in a QTextEdit in x position (with a stylesheet ???) to symbolize a page break.

    Have you a idea ?

    Thank you

  • The style sheet approach is not bad, but in this case you have no special tag to 'style'.

    The plugin way is not bad but you have 'just' a character, and of course you haven't like you want a paragraph.

    The only way I see is that you add paragraph containing only a plugin and to take care of the cursor move to avoid the edition of this 'special' text block.

  • You mean create multiple QTextEdit in QScrollArea for example ?

    If that's right, I tried but the management of the number of page when deleting rows, for example is not so easy :)

    Otherwise can you be more specific about your idea?

    In advance thank you

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