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Problem processing translations in VS2017

  • 1>------ Build started: Project: DeepSkyStacker, Configuration: Release x64 ------
    1>Reading Qt configuration (C:\Qt\5.12.8\msvc2017_64\bin\qmake.exe)
    1>C:\Users\amonra\AppData\Local\QtMsBuild\rcc\qtrcc.targets(116,5): error MSB3073: The command ""ERROR: Qt install dir not found\bin\rcc.exe" --list "i18n\translations.qrc" > ".\x64\Release\rcc_list.txt" 2> nul" exited with code 123.
    1>Done building project "DeepSkyStacker.vcxproj" -- FAILED.

    Clearly something that should be set isn't! What do I need to configure?



  • I do hope someone is able to help with this problem, it is preventing me from performing any builds at all.

    I imagine it's some problem with Qt VS Tools 2.4.3 but what do I know?

    Anyone here who knows VS Tools?

    PS This probably belongs in the Tools Forum rather than General ...
    Thanks again

  • This problem seems to stem from this code:

    <!--// Parse QRC -->
      <QtRccExeQuoted Condition="'$(QtVsProjectSettings)' == 'true'">&quot;$(QtToolsPath)\rcc.exe&quot;</QtRccExeQuoted>
      <QtRccExeQuoted Condition="'$(QtVsProjectSettings)' != 'true'">&quot;%(QtRcc.QTDIR)\bin\rcc.exe&quot;</QtRccExeQuoted>
    <Exec Condition="'@(QtRcc)' != ''"
      Command="$(QtRccExeQuoted) --list $(QtRccQuoted) > $(RccListQuoted) 2> nul"/>
    <ReadLinesFromFile Condition="'@(QtRcc)' != '' AND Exists('$(IntDir)rcc_list.txt')"
      <Output TaskParameter="Lines" ItemName="res_file"/>

    I hope that gives one of you the clue you need - I'll keep digging....

    Looking at the VS defined macros I see:


    If someone can tell me how to manually set the macros that are currently set to ERROR: Qt Install dir not found...

    Well if only someone had said the setting this EV would solve it...



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