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Subclassing QAbstractEventDispatcher and implementing unregisterTimer.

  • I subclassed QAbstractEventDispatcher, lets call it MyEventDispatcher.
    I implemented functions:

    void registerTimer(int timerId, int interval, QObject *object);
    bool unregisterTimer(int timerId);
    (There are others, but these two are relevant to this bug).

    Now when Qt starts a timer function:
    QAbstractEventDispatcher:: registerTimer(int interval, QObject *object); is called.
    Which allocates a timerID using QAbstractEventDispatcherPrivate::allocateTimerId();.

    Now when the timer is stopped,
    MyEventDispatcher::unregisterTimer(int timerId) is called.
    From my implementation of the function, since it's not a part of qt source code, I have no way of calling QAbstractEventDispatcherPrivate::releaseTimerId(int timerId).

    So, over the course of running my app, it keeps allocating int array of exponentially increasing sizes, and eventually runs out of timerIds to allocate once it reaches 8^8 timerIds.

    I already logged a bug report for this: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-22794.

    But maybe I am missing something very obvious here, or doing something wrong in the implementation of MyEventDispatcher?

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