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Can't drag a scroll bar in QScrollArea

  • Re: Can't drag a ScrollBar

    I'm working with a Qt 5.12.3 Widget Project.

    In it, I have QScrollAreas in several different widgets and they all act the same. The mouse wheel works, the up and down arrows on the bar work, but I can't drag the scroll bar using the mouse. I've seen this problem posted elsewhere but have yet to find a solution. Is there a secret parameter I need to flick the switch on?

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    You are reference a QML post but i assume we are talking QWidgets here ?

    In any case, there no extra thing to allow dragging on scrollbars but
    if you use Touch capture to allow touch scrolling like

    Then it could be due to that.

    If you are not using grabGesture or similar then something is up with your code.

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