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How do I go about creating a Ribbon component in QT?

  • A Ribbon is the following component:


    I would like to build the component using QtQuick (QML) and PySide2 as backend.

    Current Solutions I have taught:
    I know I can build the buttons using a Tab Bar, i.e:

    I can create three different delegates for the three different types of button:
    Delegate 1:

    Delegate 2:
    D2 - Copy.png

    Delegate 3:

    And change them by specifying as a type in the model.

    But how do I put them together?
    I have taught about:
    • ListView can have only one orientation, so I am not able to build it using that.
    • Grid View, but it also has the same problem of one orientation possible.

    Can someone please give me an idea of how can I build the ribbon component?
    How should the model be specified?

    How Can I add the button group at the bottom, i.e: ?


    (It should automatically expand as per number of buttons in the group.)