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webrtc and gstreamer

  • hello QT world,

    this is my first message.
    I have one question.

    Im writing QT application that should display webrtc video. It on AGL (automotive grade linux).

    So what i did so far. I build QTWebEngine with webrtc support. And its working more or less fine on my target

    So now Im trying option with gstreamer. I try this one and its working fine:

    But now I have to connect it some how with webrtc and that is tricky part because of signaling, exchange of sdp and ice candidates...
    to create gstremer pipeline like in example above (from QT main function) just to play webrtc...

    Is there any code example that could give me a hint how I can do this?
    Or maybe it can not be done... that would be also helpful :) it will save me some time :)


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