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Interaction of dlls between Qt dll and msvs dll

  • i want to create a dll in Qt and also call an mfc dll made by msvc..can i get some proper pointers
    firstly how to create dll in Qt and how to use call my own created dll in Qt
    second how to call msvs dll from Qt creator

  • If you use QtCreator, call new project, select a dll project and that's it, there is a dll.
    Using a dll is a very basic thing in C/C++ and not Qt related, and it depends on how the dll tio use is created.

    does it have C exported functions? then you could load it with QLibrary and call resolve to get the function pointers

    Or you include the header file and linky dynamically to it

    or it has exported classes, then you MUST link dynamically to it.

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