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Qt Creator Highligting behaviour

  • Hi All,

    Maybe this question is very useless for most of u.. But bothers me a lot..

    this is Qt5.6 MSVC 2013 Windows Dark Theme

    and this is is Qt 5.14.2 Linux Dark Theme

    At the newest install QString, QVector are all grayed but at Qt5,6 they are all green. I checked the highlighting rules they're same..

    Is there anything to fix this ?


  • Is it only since Qt5.14 or also for older installs?
    I have not tried 5.14 yet, but with Qt5.13 on Linux the dark-theme highlighting is working for me.

  • my install is 5.14.2 may be I should downgrade

  • @zeroptr I don't think 5.14.2 will change that behavior. Seems caused by indexing not finished.
    But I'm not sure because I haven't installed 5.14.
    Did you sucessfully build your project when you capture the screen?

  • Yes I built many applications also I tried it with two linux distro Mint and Kubuntu nothing changed.. I'm downloading Qt 5.12.8 now..

  • disable the plugin in Help > About Plugins > Clang Code Model


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