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Any step process for Qt to interact with msmq?

  • hi..

    i am using Qt framework in windows platform which has to interact with microsoft visual studio using message queues,
    but m still stuck on how to go about it as m not able to get material on how the proper interaction can take place

  • You want to interact between Qt and Visual studio? Do you create a MSVS plugin in Qt?
    A message queue is just a queue. To send data to a windows message queue, use SendMessage from the win API. to read messages from a Queue, use the winEvent function in QWidget.

  • i am not creating a msmv plugin..my case scenario is tat i have to interact with a third party in which they provide their dll made in mfc and mine will be a Qt dll/plugin and our common means to interact will be through msmq..i intend to use Qt creator independently without using a plugin in msvs

  • Ok, so you have two buinaries, one in Qt, one in MFC.
    You want to send the MFC binary (window) messages, right?
    Use WinAPI SendMessage.
    To get messages back, you need a top level widgetr (which also is a real window) and overwrite winEvent.

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