Intel MKL and Qt in Visual C++ 2017 - feature-test macro must be a simple identifier error

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to use Qt integration with Visual C++ 2017. When I enable "Use MKL" in Intel Performance Libraries configuration, and try to build with Qt integration / Qt libraries, I get the error:

    "the argument to a feature-test macro must be a simple identifier"

    in the file qcompilerdetection.h. I found a threat from 2018 which claimed that replacing qalgorithms.h would solve the problem. But they don't say what to replace it with. I tried modifying qalgorithms.h and qcompilerdetection.h to get them to recompile if they were out of date, as the thread seemed to suggest, but this did not work.

    I was actually able to use MKL and Qt in MS VC++ 2017 before without this error. But now trying to install on a new machine with MKL 2020 update 1, and Qt 5.13.2 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit), I am suddenly getting this error for some reason.

    Maybe this is a version incompatibility issue, but I assume that newer versions of Qt would not recreate a problem that was previously solved.

    Has anyone run into this problem with latest versions of VC 2017 and Qt?


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