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Qt Design Studio

  • I finally got the build for my beloved windows with raspberry pi4 !!!
    Everything works very well with Qt Creator.
    I'm having problems with Qt Design Studio:
      1 - Under Run Settings it does not keep the value of QML Viewer set. Even if I set it manually, it partially executes the command. For example if I set /usr/local/qt5pi/bin/qmlscene
    executes / u
      2 - I'm trying the examples, the compilation and the deployment happens regularly, the execution goes in error. If I run the command manually everything works.
    Here's the error, it doesn't help me much !: "Remote process crashed."
      3 - I am totally new in Qt, I will ask perhaps trivial questions but I have not found how to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape.
    A tip would help me a lot to run an example (Cluster Tutoril or E-bike design) to verify if my hardware and installation functions properly before starting development.

    Thanks for your help.

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