More pre-built stylesheets for PyQt5?

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    A bit of a Friday afternoon question, this one.

    I've got a mutli-window application running in PyQt5. I was using qdarkstyle to style it, but that throws up some issues on a Mac, so I've got qdarkgraystyle as an alternative.

    I'm now making this a user setting, allowing the user to change the look, and I'm wondering if there are any more styles I could easily throw in to give the user more choice.

    I've Googled it quite a lot but not turned up any extra results. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong terms? Variations of 'pyqt5', 'style', 'theme' and 'pypi' yield nothing new. Looking through the available packages in PyCharm also shows nothing, but again maybe my search terms are wrong.

    Are there any other good pre-packaged style options that would be useful for dropping into a PyQt5 app, but which I haven't found yet?

    Recommendations please?


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    I never really found any collection of stylesheets.
    I wonder why and came to the conclusion that in Windows all customization is stone dead (and hence not very common) and in Linux you can change the whole look using the system tools having theme support even for windows borders and such. And also all the widgets. So users can already style the apps as much as they like.

    And i did look around a lot but mostly found dark themes and not so much else.

  • Thanks for the response.

    I agree, I was expecting a much broader range of stylesheets for PyQt5 applications. I know there's a common preference for apps that use the system standard style rather than some novelty, but even so, I was still expecting there to be more special styles out there.

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