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Qt Installer Framework / Repository

  • Hello,

    I encounter a problem with Qt Installer Framework by using remote repositories.

    I uploaded my packages on my online web server (Apache2) and my application only detects new update if my remote server is configured by using http, it doesn't work with https (both are well configured in config.xml).

    My web server rights seems well configured in http and https, I get access to files by using my web browser.

    So my question is: Can we use a remote repository by using https with a self signed SSL certificate?

    Thank a lot.

  • I came across this trying to figure out the same issue. I was surprised no one else had responded in all this time, so I thought I would for the next person who searches for this.

    You need to build a static version of OpenSSL.
    You need to build a static version of Qt using the static OpenSSL libraries.
    You then build the installer framework against the static Qt version above.
    Now, the repo can be on http:// or https:// either one transparently.

    The above is a bit abbreviated, but that's the outline you need to follow.

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