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Resolving DLLs

  • I've concluded that manifests and configuration files are beyond my mortal brain. So, I've settled on two options for telling my QT utilities where to find their DLLs:

    • Put the QT bin folder into the PATH variable, or

    • Wrap the QT utility in a batch file, which has the QT bin folder in its PATH variable

    The advantage of the 2nd option, of course, is to not pollute my path variable. Am I being too nit picky to be considering the 2nd option? Does anyone have other suggestions?

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    You're talking about Windows? And about a development machine?

    Just use the cmd.exe link provided by Qt installation - it has everything set up by default IIRC. Putting Qt into PATH is perfectly OK, too.

    There is also a tool called qtchooser, but I'm not sure if it works on Windows.

  • @sierdzio Thank you, yes, this is a Windows development machine. I am looking in the folder


    but do not see a cmd.exe . Maybe I did not opt for it when paring down the installation process. No matter. Thanks for the feedback on the PATH variable.

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    @normvcr said in Resolving DLLs:

    but do not see a cmd.exe .

    I think it's added to start menu on Windows, but maybe I misremember something.

    In any case, you can run regular cmd.exe and execute qtenv2.bat from bin/ folder.

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