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  • Qt 5.0 gives all the focus to QML. I see a lot of concerns expressed that QWidgets are going away and c++ itself is sidelined. From what I have understood, c++ will always be important to Qt. The way I see it is that Qt 5.0 brings a single framework for both web and native developers. Web developers can use Qml / Javascript while c++ developers can use it in a traditional way and if needed c++ and Qml can be used in the same project. But this is just my understanding. Don't really know if Qt is moving to be more of Qml + Javascript framework. I feel there is no need to over emphasize Qml. Just present it as another option and let developers choose what is best for them. It would be great if anyone here can confirm if my understanding is correct.

  • Your understanding is basically correct. In bulletpoints:

    • C++ and widgets are here to stay, they are still the preferred way to work on the desktop.
    • On the mobile platform, widgets are basically deprecated.
    • QML/Quick is geared towards making UI more fluid, and more optimized to draw.
    • QML/Quick will make its way to the desktop as well, but not in Qt 5.0
    • QML/Quick is aimed as UI programming, but recommended practice is to write your logic, your backend in C++
    • QML itself (as a language) may see more uses in the future than just GUI, if other areas are identified that can benefit from having a declarative language.
    • Qt is an open platform now. It will move where we all need it to move, if we push it in that direction by contributing!

  • Thanks for clarifying.

  • QML is like java scripting language. Easy for the persons who are coming from java background.

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