[solved] QML Linux performance issues

  • Hey guys,

    I'm usually developing under Windows but of curse I wanna have system independent software.

    From time to time I'm testing my software on my openSuse system to ensure that it still works.
    A friend of mine said he tested a qml based project on his ... I guess it is a Linux Mint system
    and told me that he has some serious performance problems with the qml UI.

    To validate this I have tested it under my suse system and it definitely hase some problems.

    For example:

    I have a ListView in my UI which show image data and stuff I animate the hole thing.
    I developed it on my windows 7 system on a pretty old machine with less performance.
    And it runs pretty good now I've tested the same application on my linux system with
    Intel Core 2 Quad which has a lot more power than my windows machine.

    But the ListView itself and other animation run totally stuttering. It seems that the software
    runs on a system that has to less performance to calculate the animations fluently.

    Is this a known problem ?

    Does anybody had made the same experience ?
    What could cause this kind of issue ?

    thanks for help

  • Hi,

    If you haven't seen it already, "this page":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qdeclarativeperformance.html provides some hints for getting the best performance out of QML. Particularly important for X11 is the graphicssystem used: you will need to use "raster" rather than "native" for QML to perform acceptably ("raster" is default if you are using qmlviewer).


  • Hey guys, your are so great this actually solves the problem at the first sight.

    I called


    before calling the QApplication constructor.
    Now I get a pretty good performance on my Quad processor maybe I have validate this on
    a weaker system, but I guess this should solve the performance problems we had.

    Thanks mbrasser I already knew this page but I just forgot to consult this one ^^

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