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  • Its been to-and-fro for me trying to evaluate Qt Webassembly. I've struggled getting a version compiled and installed along with its preferred emscripten taking up a couple of days to get rid of a problem until i managed to succeed with the help of other posters who had the same problem and eventually settled on 5.14.2. I cobbled together an app and was well up to speed but eventually decided to switch over to C++ compiling as a matter of routine and only compile emscripted version every once in a while as the C++ process was so much quicker to get the test app going. During one of these cycles i started using QHttpMultiPart which I would say is a reasonable piece of kit needed if one is going to focus on a webassembly target for your Qt app. I plodded along and got all working in C++ and thought maybe time to compile a wasm version again just to make sure we're still on track. Not so. QHttpMultiPart support is missing. I was initially frustrated on how it can be expected to make web apps with Qt without this fundamental piece of kit but it turns out from google searches that this has been patched in recently and is available in some recent version. Now for my question: I've compiled various versions of Qt from scratch 5 times now and I want to make the sixth one the final one for quite some time else i'll be giving this up for a bad job as it is sucking my lockdown time up like a hoover. Can someone please advise on which version to check out of git that has QHttpMultiPart support in it PLUS don't have the Application exit (TypeError: is null) snarfu in it anymore ? I can't simply assume the head of the tree is the one as I've tried 5.15 previously and it had the Application exit (TypeError: is null) bug in it and i had to revert to 5.14.2. So from the quagmire of branches, which should i go for without being disappointed after 5 hours compiling that the test apps don't work. Thanks

  • QHttpMultipart not working is a known issue. There is a fix in review, but it is for dev branch, as it is too late to include this in Qt 5.15

    It should apply and work with Qt 5.14, but I have not tested it with that version.

  • Thanks, I have applied the patches to 5.14.2 and my test app compiles now.

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