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Possible to set QML Surface3D series data from C++?

  • I'm developing applications to display very large lidar/sonar datasets (millions of points). QML/Qt seems an attractive platform, since in theory one can quickly define the UI with QML, and implement the "back-end" with high-performance C++. The QtDataVisualization package also seems very useful, especially the Surface3D and Surface3DSeries components for my application. But the provided examples either demonstrate a pure QML approach - which is impractical for my application, with millions of points - or a pure C++ ("widget") approach - which loses the benefit of quickly designing the UI with QML and is locked to a desktop computing platform.

    Can someone point to a working example showing how to set QML Surface3DSeries data from C++? This seems theoretically possible from the documentation, but I have been unable to do it, and none of the provided examples demonstrate it. Is this even possible, or is Qml/Qt "broken" in this regard?


  • Yes, it is possible - but not "supported" and not documented. See this post.

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