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Community Edition - version confusion

  • I've used Qt Community Edition for years. All my projects are open source and provided on SourceForge for free and operate both on Windows and Linux, thus the advantage of using the Qt platform.
    I'm currently using version Qt 5.9.2 (MSVC 2015, 32bit) from Oct 2017.
    I thought I might update, but the version reported with the community version [Open Source version] is 3.2.2.

    Sounds like a massive downgrade from what I'm using.

    So what's the deal? Is this a confusing version number?
    What version of Qt will I get with this Open Source version 3.2.2?
    Greater than Qt 5.9.2?

  • Oh, that is the version of the installer. Not the Qt version you will get. You will need to use your Qt Forum account to login to the installer and see the versions available. You should be able to install 5.14, 5.12 and maybe some others.

  • @Windy Ok I get it. I see all the versions that it can download and install now.
    Makes sense, but it would be nicer if the download page would clarify this so that 3.2.2 version
    would be clarified to be the installer version rather than the version of the Qt you're getting.
    Installing it now on a new system and will try it out on my code from previous versions.

  • @Windy said in Community Edition - version confusion:

    Installing it now on a new system

    So is your issue solved? Please don't forget to mark your post as such then.

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