Qt Creator Difftool : ignore case and whitespace?

  • Hey,
    I've tried lots of difftools, but I like the ability of Qt Creator to show all the files at once, and set the number of context lines.
    But from what I can see, it's missing a feature : ignoring whitespace (all whitespace including line break, not just indentation) and being case-insensitive.
    This is what I mean. Those lines should be considered as the same:

                        = RegQueryValueEx(hKey, L"installed path", NULL, &dwType, (LPBYTE) &value, &value_length);
    				result = RegQueryValueEx(hKey, L"installed path", NULL, &dwType, (LPBYTE)&value, &value_length);

    So, is there a way to enable it that I'm not seeing, or is it just not possible?

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    Hi @G_ka,

    to my knowledge, this is not possible currently.

    We have Ignore Spaces in the Toolbar, but AFAIK this does not ignore line breaks.

    You might want to file a report at bugreports.qt.io/QTCREATORBUG (and please post the link here so we can follow).

    Thanks and regards

  • Done here.
    Thanks for the suggestion

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    @G_ka Thanks. So please mark this topic as SOLVED.

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