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Unable to Build Qt-Creator 2.3.1 from source.

  • Hello, I get this (modified) error when compiling Qt-creator 2.3.1 from source. I have of course seached the Web but I can't find anything remotely connected to this, so can anyone help me here?

    I'm using Windows 7 x64 and the Intel Compiler v12.0.5.221 (x64)
    @Error: dependent 'plugin_qmlprojectmanager-make_default' does not exist.jom: C:
    Qt\qt-creator-2.3.1-src\build\src\Makefile [sub-plugins-make_default-ordered] Error 2
    jom: C:\Qt\qt-creator-2.3.1-src\build\Makefile [sub-src-make_default-ordered] Error 2@

    Thank you.


  • Did you do a configure before building? I found this link helpful.

  • Hi, I did a configure thanks, and I'll have a look at this link, see if it sheds any light.


  • I've had a look at the link you posted moorepe but it was of no use what so ever, but thank you anyway.

    So I'm still left scratching my head, does anyone else have any ideas as to what I am missing?


  • Hi rokemoon,

    I tried your link and made a bit more progress than before but it failed bleating about linking with the QtDebugging library. Looking in to my lib dir I see I don't have any! I appear to have every other .lib, .dll and other supporting file but no QtDebugging.

    Not to sure where to take this now, and to add insult to injury when I try to tell my Visual Studio Qt Plugin (v1.1.9) about the new build I get a dialog saying "This Qt version is not compatible to your current Visual Studio (Qt builds VS version:0, current version: 1600)"


  • Sorry I have no idea about this error.
    When I compiled it from src, I used Qt Creator for this.
    I just opened in QtCreator and press build :-)
    I think in your case to compile from src like I do, you need to set Intel compiler in qt creator settings.
    Sorry for my English, if something unclear ask I'll try to explain.

  • OK I have built the Qt SDK using the win32-msvc2010 and now have an x64 build of Creator. However when I launch this I get a Windows console appearing telling me it "Cannot update Qt version information: c:/qtdsk/desktop/qt/4.7.4/msvc2008/bin/qmake.exe cannot be run."

    Now this kind of surprising as I don't even have a c:/qtsdk on my hard disk! And as a consequence of this it cannot autodetect my Qt Version (which I have set using QTDIR along with a QMAKESPEC) in my environment.

    Is there anyway I can 'fix' this at all? I built Creator using QCtreator from the stand alone Creator source and .pro file using a heirarchy of :

    P.S. I know this build isn't compatible with the Intel Compiler.

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